Happy birthdays to you, Eslove and Becca!
by Krishna Belle Meniado | April 28, 2010 5:52 PM | 
Families, malls, bars, televisions, cell phones, laptops and the Internet - there are at least a hundred things the teen housemates must be missing while being inside the house. But guess what's not one of those things? A birthday bash! Yes, even Big Brother just adores those balloon-filled and joy-inducing annual celebrations and he never misses any of his housemates' day, you know? Like today on Uber, he helped out in preparing for the teen housemates' suprise birthday bop for Eslove and Becca whose birthday month is April!

Earlier, Kyra, Yen, Patrick, Devon and Joe locked themselves up in the bedroom, obviously hiding from the prying eyes and sharp hearing of the two celebrators from the open areas in the Big Brother house. As initially planned, the party was to be a magic-and-superheroes-themed one, with them wearing costumes of their favorite action icons. The plan also involved a special appearance of clowns, which was to grant one of Eslove's yet-to-be attained dream of having a kiddie party.

The plan was executed well and well enough that when the teen housemates tore the blindfold from the two celebrators' eyes when they got to the party location, Becca and Eslove couldn't help but be touched about all the preparations. The former even got tears in her eyes, as if unbelieving that her housemates would take time in doing all those to make her happy. Eslove, who was attending his first ever - and very own! - kiddie birthday party, was just at a loss for words and resorted to giving his housemates acknowledging hugs. Which is a bit sad, if you guys think about it, since he has just been given the Forced Eviction ticket last night and this could very well be one of the last bonding moments he'll ever have with his housemates inside the Big Brother house! At the same time, Becca is also a candidate for eviction on Saturday.

Will Big Brother change his mind and let Eslove stay? Will Becca be able to convince the people to continue being inside the house? Always watch PBB Teen Clash of 2010 Uber and Primetime to get the answers!

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