Charge it to experience, Maichel
by Krishna Belle Meniado | April 22, 2010 5:47 PM | 
A series of unfortunate events, that's how Maichel's first week went inside the Big Brother house. But that is not to say "as luck would have it" because he had all the power to counter his fate. However, he did otherwise by continuing to violate the rules and regulations inside the house, such as sleeping outside the designated sleeping hours and not properly wearing his lapel. A big minus for him too was not following Big Brother's instructions of having the other teens guess his name upon his entry inside the house.

The final decision of handing him the forced eviction verdict came in today's Uber. Big Brother called Maichel into the confession room and showed him one by one the clips of his violations. And while he was taking everything in, the other teen housemates -- who were made to listen to the conversation between Maichel and Big Brother -- were also trying to handle their emotions upon hearing the bad news. After all, it was so early in the game that someone was being handed the forced eviction card.

Since Maichel did not yet know that his housemates have heard everything that went on in the confession room, he wiped away his tears before greeting his mates in Team Villa. But of course, this was useless since his housemates already knew, and so they instantly enveloped him in apologetic yet sincere hugs and offered him words of consolation. Maichel, with Big Brother's mercy, will still be staying inside until Saturday, though. He will be exiting together with the chosen evictee based on the texters' votes. Just who may that be? You'll know if you keep tabs on PBB Teen Clash Edition of 2010 Uber and Primetime every day!

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