To stay or to go, that is the question
by Stephanie Manhit | June 10, 2010 12:22 PM | 
Despite their continuous rehearsals, the housemates have not been amiss in caring for James. Stuck in bed with an oxygen tank, James was ordered to an extended bed rest to give his body time to recuperate. His housemates took turns in keeping him company and giving him his food and meds. Bret and Ivan, his closest buddies, noticed something different with James. James shared, “It’s unfair if I get to the Big 5 just sitting. I don’t think I should be here.” His housemates thought otherwise, believing him to be just as worthy as the rest. To Kuya, he said, “I think they feel sorry for me. I want to stay in the house, but not like this.”

The other housemates were called in individually to express their opinion. They each had to pick a cube of weight and drop it inside a box labeled “oo” or “hindi”, signifying their answer to the question: Should James stay in the house? Bret, Ivan, Ann, Tricia and Ryan all voted yes, believing that with a little rest, he would be able to perform well again. Devon, Fretzie and Jenny voted otherwise. “I don’t want him to leave,” calrified Jenny, teary-eyed. “Pero if I make him stay here dahil gusto ko lang, selfishness lang ‘yun diba? Sa tingin ko po mas important ang health niya.”

James was shown the scale with five tipping the scale againt three weights. He did not take offense that some voted him to go, believing that they did it with him in mind. “Maybe it’s for me,” he pondered. “Because they understand the problem.” James admitted that his housemates’ opinion would affect his decision a lot.

Afterwards, James talked to the group and revealed his final decision. All hugged him as he took off his oxygen tube, celebrating his way to health. According to his recent x-rays, his condition has improved and there was no need to lug around the oxygen tank all the time. The only time he would need it was when he slept. This was the good news that sealed the deal, on top of knowing that majority of the housemates still wanted him in the house. “I want to stay!” James told Kuya, with a big smile. Kuya was happy with the improvement in James’ health a well, and made him concert supervisor.

James immediately settled into his new role and had the rest performing their parts. He gave out sound criticisms and had the others who weren’t part of the number give their votes and critiques as well. His housemates took his comments constructively, and practice went on. Kuya also gave his own two cents as he tested the teens’ presence of mind and ingenuity in dealing with on-site problems.

How will the housemates do on concert day itself? Will their hard work pay off and be worth all that big money? Find out as they go live on June 10, Thursday, at 9:45 pm!

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