Teenternationals win the 2 slots to the Teen Big Night
by Stephanie Manhit | May 24, 2010 2:14 AM | 
It has been quite a week, and partly because it ended with the housemates losing four of their comrades. It was a tearful moment when hostess Toni announced the latest evictees of Kuya’s house. Richard and Carson were both evicted from the Teentenationals, leaving the young Sophia behind. Always easy to tear up, Sophia did not appear the least bit happy. “I feel really sad,” she shared with Kuya. She had already formed a bond with the two, especially Richard. From the other team, Ivan, Tricia and Angelo were saved. They had to bid farewell to two of their own as well. Kazel and Yen, the house “ates”, would surely be missed, judging from the cries of the Pinoy housemates.

The “Challenge Me” weekly task proved to be quite taxing, as well. It was made even more difficult when the two houses were merged. Though they lived under one roof, the clash continued, and they technically were still two separate teams. At stake was not only the weekly budget, but two slots to the Teen Big Night. For the weekly task, the teams would be pitted against each other in various challenges, each one not only more difficult than the last, but also corresponding to more points.

For their basketball task and the Joke-lympisc, the Pinoy housemates won and earned 10 points for each event. The Over-the-Top hand wrestling was a draw, giving both teams 7.5 points each. Tug-of-War was another one in the bag for the Pinoy housemates, while the Birit Hirit band challenge was won by the Teenternationals. Awaiting their last challenge, the Pinoy housemates already had a running total of 42.5 points, while the Teenternationals had 27.5. However, they still had one last challenge left, and it was worth 30 points.

The last challenge was “Clash on the Ramp”, which tested the housemates’ modeling and styling skills. Model Annette Coronel dropped by to give both houses some practical tips. She noticed that the Villa boys had more potential, while only James from the Apartment came at par. Both houses were kept busy with styling their clothes and practicing their walk. Before long, both teams were given a chance to strut their stuff on the catwalk. They had three collections to model: street wear, around the world, and wedding. The last collection had a cross-dressing twist, having the boys don the gowns this time.

Ex-PBB celebrity housemate Mich Dulce, also a known designer, joined fashion director Robby Carmona in critiquing the teens’ performance. Mich lauded Joe’s ability to project, while reminding Tricia not to look so wide-eyed. Robby praised Fretzie for looking professional, Ivan for being a beautiful bride, Angelo for having an appeal when in guys’ clothing, and Devon’s beauty. It was a nicely-mounted walk, especially for newcomers. For the Teenternationals’ version, Mich lauded the great styling, the varied choreography, and the tableau. Though she did admit to Bret’s charm, she also pointed out Sophia and Ann’s tendency to look down. Robby commented that it was akin to watching an international show, yet the mere title for the “Around the World” collection should have been a strong suit for the Teenternationals. Also, there should have been no dead air, even if they did have to change costumes. In the end, the judges gave their votes to the Teenternationals, making them the over-all champ with 57.5 points, primarily because they weren’t repetitive and had great styling.

This meant 3 slots to the Teen Big Night already was reserved for the Teenternational teens, versus just 1 for the Pinoy housemates. But wait! Just how many slots will there be on the Teen Big Night? This and the new list of nominees are just some of the juicy tidbits that you just have to have. Witness the nomination clash as, instead of nominating one of their own team, they had to nominate one from the other team. 8 nominees are tagged for the next eviction. Just who, well, we just have to find out. Watch PBB Primetime tomorrow and see for yourself!

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