Kuya welcomes Aling Inday and Aling Lyn in the PBB house
by Stephanie Manhit | May 12, 2010 10:06 AM | 
In line with the recent celebration of Mothers’ Day, Kuya asked the teens to share something about their own moms. The usually stiff Angelo couldn’t help but cry as he remembered his mom, whom he had not seen for the past two years. A scholar in the University of the Philippines, Angelo still struggled to make ends meet. His dad passed away three years ago, and his mom was the only one left to hold the family together. As much as he wanted to go home, Angelo knew that graduating college was more important, giving him and his family a much-needed break.

Devon, too, shared Angelo’s dream to finish school. She was the youngest of the brood, and had to stop school due to tight times. At 16, she worried about getting a proper job to help her family, and knew that an education was needed to get anywhere. She did not want to whine or complain about it, though, knowing that it was not by choice that her parents could not send her to school.

Little did the two know that their revelations would be shared with their mothers, moving them to tears. Aling Lyn, Devon’s mother, secretly applies for a post as housemaid to help augment her husband’s salary as a family driver. Aling Inday, the sole breadwinner and mother of Angelo, works as a yaya and all-around helper. Kuya commended both mothers for raising their children who valued education, and offered them a chance to ensure their children’s future. In exchange for a full college scholarship for Devon and Angelo, Aling Lynn and Aling Inday were to serve as kasambahays, or house helpers, inside Kuya’s house. Not only did they have to serve the teens, but they also had to make sure that no one found out about their real identities. With their children’s future in mind, both moms agreed.

They were to live inside the Apartment, and April was called in to usher them. Greeting them respectfully, she led them into the Apartment where they were greeted with manos – a traditional sign of respect -- by the Teenternational housemates. The next morning, Aling Lyn and Aling Inday were up before everyone else, and had the place spic-and-span with breakfast on the table by the time the wake- up call rang. Bret was very courteous in asking them how they slept and by inviting them to eat at the table. ‘We’re family,” he reasoned.

In the Villa, Angelo woke up with a smile on his face after dreaming about his family. “Okey lang akong magutom, magkasakit, maaksidente, ‘wag lang sila,” he shared about his sentiments on his family. Little did he know that, in just a few moments, his mom would be in the same room as him! Aling Lyn was first to enter the Villa, covered from head to toe in a long dress and screen-covered helmet. Ivan was first to see her and called in the rest. Devon stood quite close to her, which had Aling Lyn worried for a while. The Pinoy housemates hugged her and thanked her for a tasty meal. Much as she wanted to hug her youngest, Aling Lyn held her peace. Devon didn’t seem to suspect anything, even saying “Ngayon lang ako nakatikim ng ganoong lasa.”

Aling Inday was next to enter the Villa, tasked to wash the dishes. It was much harder for her to stay focused, with Angelo just a few steps away. She could hardly wash her dishes and actually left some still soiled. As scared as she was that Angelo would suspect, she couldn’t stop her tears from flowing. “Mahalikan man lang po siya, ‘yun lang, “ she asked of Kuya.

The teen housemates were ecstatic about having the burden of household chores lifted, but how happy will they be – especially Devon and Angelo – when they found out that it was their mothers who were slaving away after them? What life lesson did Kuya have in mind, and how will the teens react to the truth? Keep watching and stay updated by checking in on Uber and Primetime!

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